Revitalizing Youth Inc’s Top 10 Artists of 2016

Such a pleasure to have the opportunity of showcasing Revitalizing Youth’s Top 10 artists list, for a second year. In the past year, our company name has changed and we have made connections with over one thousand more artists whom are located throughout the world.

The artists on this list, were our favorites and it’s an honor to introduce you to their amazing creativity!


My name is Tina Payne, and I am the Director of Revitalizing Youth Inc., which will be a youth arts center here in Chicago. At this time we are looking for a permanent location, and have an arts curriculum that we offer to learning institutions throughout the city.


We are also in the process of hosting several community workshops and resourceful events which will help our community.

Revitalizing Youth is actively hosting fundraisers, to bring awareness to the opening of the youth arts center.

If you would like to contribute monies to our mission, please do follow this link to do so. We are grateful for any contribution towards this cause and would like to say “Thank You” for the continued support!

Donate Now

Now that you are aware of whom Revitalizing Youth is, an why we’re here.

Without further due.. 😃

Our Top 10 Artists of 2016!!!

#10 Timothy Lee Ibbotson

This year, I had the honor of having my nine year old Semaj help with this list of artists. She not only wants to be a doctor, but she’d also like to be an artist. Which is fine by her father and I, as long as she’s happy and helping others.

She selected from a list of three of her favorite artists, and Timothy and his pup made the list! He is indeed a talented Illustrator and Graphic Designer, and we hope you too enjoy this piece as much as we do. 

Timothy Lee Ibbotson Art


#9 Moona Light

This artist was spotted on our Instagram outlet, and she has an awesome way of showcasing her crafts. A bit of everything for you, and her use of colors is eye opening. 

This piece stood out to me, because it touches on all aspects of what we at RYI would like to do for the children of our community. We would like to inspire them, by opening their minds to all that’s around them.

You can support this artist, by following this link to her Instagram page.

Art Attack The World


#8 Eric Austin

I love this piece, because it touches the issue of loving self and it is speaking to the young children of color. It’s message is a positive one, that needed to be shared with the world.

Please do take a moment to check out more of Eric’s Digital Art.

Eric Austin’s Art


#7 Judy Bowman

This artist has recently ventured into creating collage pieces, like this one below which is titled “Patches”. This piece was one of my favorites, and well liked on our social outlets.

Judy also creates these amazing paintings. We’d love for you to check out more of her incredible pieces of work, which touch on both past and present times of black culture.

Judy Bowman’s Art


#6  Jamaul Johnson

This artist has this interesting take on the past experiences and events that took place within the African culture.

Each piece displays a huge variety of stories, that have messages that each of us can relate to. We’d love for you to check out this artists talents, by linking up to his social outlets.

Jamaul Johnson’s Facebook Page


#5  Jason JaFleu Fleurant

Jason is this incredible artist, whom picked up his gift a little under ten years back. It was an effort to help uplift his native country Haiti, which had experienced a major disaster.

His craft has grown, and he’s out there showcasing his works of brightly colored pieces in Florida. Please do, check out more of his pieces.

Jason JaFleu Fleurant Art


#4 Mark Artista Wambuga

Located in the Motherland, Kenya to be exact. I connected with this artist, and his works are amazing. I had no idea of how huge his following was, until I looked up a link to post up here. Please do join his followers, and be amazed as well by his creativity.

Mark Artista Wambuga Art


#3 Christoper Clark 

Is this creative artist, I connected with a couple of months back. His use of colors, and the realistic feel of his pieces is what grabbed his slot in this 2016 list.

We’re looking forward to his creativity for the upcoming year. Link to his social outlet to check out more of his art.

Christopher Clark Art

White Face

#2  Thomas Spears

Thomas has a huge catalog of pieces, which touch all elements. His concentration is abstract, and of bold colors.

This piece, was inspired by a photo I posted. Within days, Thomas had recreated It and made it his own. I love the energy, creativity and execution of what he created here!

Follow this veteran of art by following the link below.

Thomas Spears Instagram


#1  Pamela Earleywine 

When I saw her, I was immediately taken by her beauty. The strength, and wisdom she held was striking!

Please do connect to this amazing artist, by following her social outlet.

Pamela’s Facebook Page


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