Revitalizing Youth Inc., will soon be a youth arts center here in Chicago. At the present, we are offering our arts related curriculum to learning institutions within the city and surrounding areas.

As well as hosting several events, which purposes are to raise funds to help open our school and supplies needed to help create resourceful projects for our youth and young adults.


My name is Tina Payne, I’m the founder of Revitalizing Youth Inc. A arts program which focuses on uplifting youth and young adults. RYI’s mission is to become a Youth Center here in Chicago. I am writing in reference to classes that my program is now offering, to schools in the Chicago and surrounding surburbs. 


Since the year 2000, Tina Payne has taught Tap Dance and Art classes at elementary and private schools within the city. Some of the schools include; Stone Scholastic Academy, Carnegie Elementary, Rain Forest Learning Center, and Crown Community Academy in partnership with Columbia College (CCAP) program.

One of the programs offered, is Tap Dance. Learning to tap dance is like learning the English language. You begin with letters, words are formed, sentences and so forth. Learning to tap is the same, in that you start with the basics and build. Tap teaches concentration, poise, math, and a host of other positive attributes. Tap dance is a language within itself.

We also offer a 5 week Mini Mural Workshop. Some of the many benefits of participating in this workshop include; improved motor skills, problem solving, art appreciation and a host of other positive attributes. Learning to paint, inspires creativity.

We’ve added a few more workshops, and if you are interested in either of these programs,. Please do contact us. Demonstrations are available upon request.

Tap Dance Program


Mini Mural Workshop


Photography Workshop


Art Classes


Classes can be held twice a week, for five weeks or once a week for ten. The class times are 1 1/2 hours for Mini Mural Workshop, 1hr 15min for the Tap Class, 1 1/2 hours for Photography and 1 1/2 for Art Class.

The price for the Mural Workshop, Art Class, and Photography includes supplies. No extra cost is needed.

The only requirements for Tap Dance, is a floor and tap shoes.