Where is the support black community?

I’ve been online for almost ten years now, and at this point this question has to be asked.

Where is all of the support?

I’m in thousands of groups online, and have come into contact with many black business people. Yet, it seems difficult to get the same love that I’ve put out there.

That doesn’t count the handful of people, whom have taken this journey with me. And I’m more than grateful, for those whom have walked this path right along with me.

Yet still I see, those asking about what we don’t have. Those explaining why we don’t have it and still shits not getting done.

Yet someone wants to open a facility and gets, little to no support in their efforts.

Does a person have to do cart wheels, in front of the white house to get the attention needed? Does one have to be fighting in a video to get the attention and support needed? Does one have to tell you about ever minute of their life, to get the support needed to open a school for the babies?

It seems very backwards as to what we as a people, are doing to each other and it makes me sick and very angry to see us waste ourselves as we do.

We waste the gifts we have, we down play those whom are attempting to make a change. And, we still sit here with nothing. As our children, sit here with nothing.

When will we start to understand the importance of us, standing up and being a positive and impact full change within our community?

I’m questioning you, because I would like a better understanding of why we aren’t supporting each other to make some form of change.

Change doesn’t come rapidly, and we just may not see what or how our efforts will help the next generation.

But, why not do something to help them be the best that they can be now and in their future?